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B I K E   F O R


This project aims to design an urban mobility solution for London and effortlessly connect people with the city in a reliable way.


London is a big and busy city; people come and go before they truly connect with the place. A good bike sharing system is the infrastructure on which to promote the connections between people and the city. Literally, the system takes travellers from point A to point B. Emotionally, riders are experiencing pieces of London as they travel, like companions.

We want to introduce the Punkt. E-bike as companions for all Londoners. The city is rich in culture and diversity, and we envision the Punkt. E-bike sharing system to bring people closer together. The city-wide presence of the Punkt. E-bike promotes trust in the bike's reliability as well as in the brand image.


The E-bike is constantly charging whenever it is docked. This provides the 'always-on' electric pedal companion whenever the rider desires. A third wheel on the E-bike lowers the barrier to entry for all riders. The companion third wheel provides the extra stability needed to establish trust in travelling with the vehicle which is especially important in light of the heavy traffic in London, where riders need to regularly stop and move. The electric pedal companion gives the push, and the third wheel companion lets you stay upright on the E-bike at a red light.


If the third wheel and electric pedal companions are not enough, the Punkt. E-bike literally provides the companion with the option for the rider to carry another passenger on the back of the bike. The frame is specially designed to level the rider and the passenger for easy communication between the two while traveling. The passenger also provides the extra companionship support to be an extra pair of eyes in the bustling traffic. The passenger seat is a circular shape in a subtle reference to the meaning of the brand 'Punkt.'.


The number of cyclists has grown dramatically over recent years, and so has the number of stolen bikes. The need to store and charge the E-bike is inconvenient for most London accommodations. Hence, the Punkt. E-bike sharing system is a reliable solution to get the rider from point A to point B in London, as part of a comfortable and modern lifestyle.



Year: 2017 

Theme: Urban Mobility Project for London | Punkt.

Dimensions: 1750 x 1070 x 620 mm

Collaborator: Michael Chan, Giulio Gasparri Zezza

Collaborator: (place in surnames)

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02 bike-05.jpg
02 bike-06.jpg
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