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M T .   S N O W 


Sending a deployable Christmas card to clients is a yearly tradition at Jonathan Prestwich Design. 

The 2017/2018 version sends the usual greeting by demonstrating a snow-covered mountain range. The pop-up structure is based on a creation (link) by paper artist Peter Dahmen. His work reminds me of the continuous landforms of snowy mountains in the central part of Taiwan. 

The green gradient belts represent hidden forests and great vitality, laden with caps of snow and ice. I hope to bring a peaceful and delightful Christmas atmosphere to receivers.​

Year: 2017
Theme: Christmas Pop Up Card for Jonathan Prestwich

Theme: Design
Material: Bright White Coated Card 200gsm, Tracing Material: Paper

Dimensions: 110 x 155 mm

Filmmaking: Hiroki Yokoyama

Initial Shape Development

Colours Pick

Mild translucent gradients of winter forests.

Snow Range Part

(Before assembling)

Under Another Light Resource & Delivery

The Xueshan Range

(Its main peak Xueshan is the 2nd-highest mountain in Taiwan and in East Asia, at 3,886 m, also known as Snow Mountain or Mount Sylvia.)

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