U N / L I M I T E D


Un/Limited (U/L) is a fully waterproof and size adjustable backpack tailored to the needs of an urban slow cyclist.


This project aims to demonstrate the unlimited and limited requirements of space and material through a daily backpack. It can both expand to accommodate unexpected items and compress to keep the backpack streamlined to allow for better mobility.


Following the design philosophy for 'design of reduction', the backpack is sealed by heat welding and made of mono-material DuPont Hytrel, or similar recyclable thermoplastic elastomers with different levels of hardness. This feature is in stark contrast to the backpacks on the market today, which are multi-material and hard to recycle.

Year: 2018
Theme: Plastics that improve with age. 
Dimensions: 290 x 410 x (20~150) mm

Filmmaker: Hiroki Yokoyama

Prototype Maker:  Beatrice Maione

                                 Akabla Stephanie E. Akro

                                 Kaylene Kau

                                 Peijie Gu

                                 Ting Yu Liu

                                 Chih-Hsing Huang

                                 Yiling Tsai

                                 Guan Ning Chou

                                 Sara Chyan 

Exhibition: Show 2018, Royal College of Art, UK

Exhibition: A Preview of the Future, 2020, Red Dot Design Exhibition: Museum, SG

Award: Student Winners

Award: Personal Accessory Award

Award: Sports & Recreation Award

Award: Core77 Design Awards 2019


Award: Platinum Winner

Award: Product Design > Unexpected Design

Award: MUSE Design Awards 2019

Award: Winner

Award: Jewellery & Accessories > Completed Projects

Award: INDUSTART 2019 

Award: Honorable Mention 

Award: Professional / Fashion Design > Sport Accessories

Award: London International Creative Competition 2019

Award: Bronze Winner

Award: Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design Award: Category

Award: A' Design Award & Competition 2020 

Award: Best of the Best

Award: Travel Category

Award: Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2020 

Award: Honorable Mention 

Award: Outdoor and Exercise Equipment

Award: The European Product Design Award 2020 



Matte and transparent.


White parts.

Production Plan

Material layers.

Simulating Elastic Structure

Exploring materials.

Load Testing

Test weight can reach to 8.3 KG.

User Testing

Comparing the convenience between U/L and other foldable backpacks with zipper and side strips.

Degree Show 2018

​South Kensington Campus, RCA.

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